Adobe Muse Getting Started – Adding Fonts With Typekit

Choosing fonts for your next website design project has never been easier thanks to Adobe Muse. Within Muse there is a plugin service call Typekit that allows you to choose from tons of options for fonts.

Web Safe Fonts

One of the options with Typekit is to use Web-Safe fonts.Adobe Muse Typekit When you choose this option, a window appears with a few hundred fonts to choose from. You can also choose a font category to narrow down your search. The reason they are called web-safe is because they will not interfere in any search engine crawling and will in fact, export your text out as readable.


Using System Fonts

The other option which makes this plugin pretty powerful is the fact that you can use fonts that you have on your own computer. The only downside to this is that it will export the fonts as an image and make them unreadable text which will hurt you in search engines. I only recommend this on a small amount of text that is unimportant keyword-wise.