My Top 5 Favorite Updates For Adobe Muse CC 2014

The greatest thing about the Adobe Creative Cloud is the fact that once an update comes out, you can instantly download it to your software program. If you missed last weeks Keynote address by Adobe you can find it here. In this video below I will be going over my 5 favorite updates to Adobe Muse CC 2014 and how they can help you better your website designs.

You can also view this page to see the full list of Muse updates. Adobe Muse CC 2014 Updates

5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Updates For Adobe Muse CC 2014

  1. Been watching your logo tutorials on youtube and just got onto your site. Was looking for the subscribe button but can’t find it. So figured I can join your mailing list this way. Really love your Illustrator videos, and was glad to find you have Muse ones too. I have used Dreamweaver and took a course in WordPress but Muse is so much easier I am going to stick with it from now on. Thanks,


  2. Wow. I would have been hard pressed not to ask just where they were coming up with all those extra l’s. And where they were losing the other letters that were there. Th#72a8&1t;s really too funny!

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