Mastering Adobe Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard command shortcuts are undeniably one of the best things you can learn as a Graphic Designer. Imagine being able to let your ideas flow onto the canvas as fast as they flow into your mind. Utilizing the keyboard shortcuts allows you to spend less time looking at your keyboard and slowly clicking through the toolbars and get you the result you’re looking for.

Graphic Designer Tips Keyboard Command List

3 thoughts on “Mastering Adobe Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Hi… I have a question for you Stephen… I actually write from Poland, but it doesn’t matter… Just draw a box, ad a stroke like 3 pts, and after that make two diagonals… Ad them a stroke also 3 pts. And than connect for the paths. And than look for the corners – they are no more even and sharp… What to do with it?

    Greetings for the new year
    waiting for a reply…

  2. Others I love are:
    SCREEN CAPTURE_ Cmd/Shift/2, MAC Only
    Add anchor_+
    No Stoke/fill_ /
    I think thats it. If you find any others or MAC functional ones that will help, Hook us up! Thanks man, Great work!

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