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Why I Love Blogging For You
When I first started blogging in 2011 I saw it as an opportunity to connect with other Graphic Designers in the world and share all the “little things” that were helping me to become successful on my own because I was and still am excited about it every day. I always say it, but I am seriously just a regular dude using my creativity to make money. Now that I have a following that has invested their time and their trust into me, I won’t let them down and I will not stop making videos on YouTube ever.

What Goes Into My Tutorials
I get tons and tons of emails thanking the full team at, but the truth is…’s only me. I am and have always been someone who puts 110% into everything and most nights I work well into the AM hours to support my family. Each YouTube video takes at least a full day set aside for things such as planning, storyboarding, sketching, recording, video editing, and designing everything from the actual tutorial piece and all social media graphics to accompany them. I also answer all emails, social media messages and video comments which take up a lot of time as you can imagine. There is also a cost in purchasing new software, lighting and camera equipment as time goes on.

The Reality
Many people think that because I have a rather large following on YouTube, that I’m making a ton of moolah. Although I can’t divulge how much I actually make on YouTube with Ad revenue, I have seen a drop over the years just as I’ve gained a very large following (go figure). I’d love to not have ads on the videos, but I need something to offset the time I put into this. Time is Money and like everyone else out there creating Free content, I have bills. I currently run a Digital Printing department full-time, I freelance and I run this blog…..but my most important job is taking care of my family.

The Future of My Content
I plan to continue producing informative series for FREE because I understand that not everyone can afford formal schooling and there are just some things that I can share that you cannot learn in school and I am a very giving person at heart.

Show Your Support
If you are capable and would like to help support my content please donate using the link to the right. Anything would be appreciated. If you are unable to donate, it’s all good, I still appreciate you tuning in to my content. I thank you very much in advance for seeing the value in my teaching and helping out.

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