About Stephen

My name is Stephen Looney and I am the creator of GraphicDesignerTips.com. The reason I started this site was to educate all people about Graphic Design and how it can benefit them if they choose to educate themselves.

I first got introduced to Graphic Design back in high school when they started teaching those types of classes and I instantly got hooked. For the first time I was really able to apply my imagination in a class. As time went on I went to college to learn about this field and viewed art in a totally different way afterwards. My first job right out of college was as a Junior Graphic Designer for an Advertising Agency in Long Island, NY, where I received the most unbelievable on the job training.

I then did what most Graphic Designers do next….I started my own freelance company called SML Studios alongside this blog, while constantly networking and gaining trusting clients. A big reason why I had started this website was to take what I learned at College, what I learned on the job, and what I’ve learned in business and educate other Graphic Artists and give them some direction. One of the coolest things that I realized while blogging is that I keep learning even more myself.

I highly suggest that every aspiring artist take classes on this subject alongside with what you will learn on this site. Anything I speak about is either things that I have learned & experienced as I will always be upfront if I do not know something. Any other source of information I post other than myself will have the proper citings.
I hope my teaching enhances your career.

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2021 UPDATE – I’M BACK!!

I have been on a long hiatus due to life, career and most-importantly….family, but everything is going extremely well. I will be back making crazy awesome videos as soon as possible.