Professional Logo Design Tutorial – Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud – Episode 3

In this video tutorial I will be showing you exactly what goes into designing this professional logo design. I not only teach you the tools to build it, but I also explain everything in-depth and why I chose to do it the way I did. This logo was one I designed for a client of mine for my company SML Studios.

Professional Logo Graphic Design Branding Tutorial

After You Complete This Professional Logo Design Tutorial in the video below, make sure to check
out the Extended Version of this project in our new online learning course.

Professional Logo Design Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator CC 2014

Make sure to expand the video player for High-Definition playback and Enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Professional Logo Design Tutorial – Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud – Episode 3

  1. Only because you told us to…I love this logo design but the “I” is driving me nuts. I think it’s the top part and the bottom part not being the same thickness. And, what if you had made the top and bottom of the “I”, the same thickness as the “beams” going around for consistency. Just my extremely humble opinion.

    1. haha trust me, the client and I wrestled with this and every once and a while we are adjusting that slightly.Originally the top and bottom of the “I” were thin like the beam and then it got completely lost. That’s when we started thickening up the top and bottom. Thanks for commenting on it.

  2. I really like the breakdown of your work and how you do it step by step. The logo is very cool but the “I” in the logo looks like a “T”, I don’t know what it is but my eye sees it as a “T”. Maybe it’s because of the black line under the name but it comes off a TronMen. Thanks for all the video series, they’ve helped me a lot since I’ve never had any formal training of Illustrator, I’ve learned on my own with trial and error and watch tutorials. Can’t wait for more videos.

  3. I like your tutorials vedios.

    I wanted to learn logo design? How i can learn this /

    Please advice me or guide me.

    Thanks & Best wishes
    Ibrahim Sahikh


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