Adobe Muse CC Tutorial – Building Anchor Links

Adobe Muse makes it very easy to add anchor links within your website design project. Anchor links are used on text or images and when it is clicked on you can have it navigate you to any page or any part of a page relative to where the anchor was set. Check out my new and informative tutorial below which goes over exactly how to set up these anchors.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Muse CC Tutorial – Building Anchor Links

  1. I liked the video about anchors, your explanation and demo were spot on for me. I would like to know how to insert a table into Muse.

  2. Hi Stephen-

    I’m having problems with my anchors, I’ve place them in my site however they are not landing where I placed them, I keep moving them but its not changing – can you please help.

    Thank you,


  3. I am trying to create a site that I do not want a navigation bar on. It is a product launch of 4 products. On the home page I want to have pictures of the 4 images and be able to click on them to get to 4 individual product pages. How do I do this?

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