Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud – Flatten Transparency On PDF’s – Episode #21

Welcome to episode #21 of my new Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 tips series where I will be doing all types of in-depth teachings about the program. In this video I will be going over what you can do when you run into a situation where you are trying to edit a PDF file in Illustrator, but you do not have the fonts available. The flatten transparency option will allow you to import your PDF onto an already made canvas and then outline your strokes and fonts so you can further change the document.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud – Flatten Transparency On PDF’s – Episode #21

  1. Bryan van Maalsen · Edit

    Great video Stephen! I knew about this function but could never get the pdf without the missing fonts. You showed me one little step by dragging the file onto the canvas instead of place/open file (what i usually did). Thanks!
    I would like to see a video about using brushes, vectorize and inking scanned artwork comic book style and coloring the artwork. Keep the tutorials coming. I learn a lot!

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