Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud – Clipping Mask Basics – Episode #15

Welcome to episode #15 of my new Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 tips series where I will be doing all types of in-depth teachings about the program. In this video I will be going over the power of using clipping masks. Clipping masks are something you will use in most of your print layouts and I’m here show you how easy they are to make and answer any questions you may have.

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One thought on “Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud – Clipping Mask Basics – Episode #15

  1. Hi, Stephen Looney.
    Thanks for good lesson with basic clipping masks.
    Also, may be will be usefull for all to add gradient clipping masks lesson as anvanced technics.
    Illustrator is great program and some mask’s tricks from Photoshop can be repeated in Illustrator.

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