Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – How To Work With Patterns

Patterns in Adobe Illustrator are so much fun.

There are 3 ways to get your hands on some patterns.

  1. You can create the pattern yourself and use it in your own layout or share it with the world.
  2. Adobe Illustrator comes with a few really basic patterns. At first you may think that  they are not so much worthy to go in a professional design, but if you know how to break patterns apart and change their structure, you basically create a new identity in your swatches.
  3. The internet is full of Graphic Designers so sit around creating free designs for the rest of the community to benefit from. Thank you to all of them.



We all know what the term pattern means.

In your Graphic Design layout you can place patterns inside of any shapes you make. So for instance, you can create a nice thin border on the top and bottom of your layout with a custom repetitive pattern you made.

The Graphic Design Video Tutorial above will teach you how to work with a Pattern in Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite. I will show you exactly how to take apart already created patterns and change them up if you’d like.

To edit a pattern you MUST first drag the swatch of it to the desktop and it will then convert to Vector (depending on how it was created) where you can then alter the shapes and colors.

To create or re-create a changed pattern all you have to do is make it a new swatch, simply by selecting the whole pattern and dragging it into your Swatches palette.

Have Fun Patternizing! 😛