Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Making Professional Paragraphs

This Graphic Design Video Tutorial teaches you how to make clean, professional paragraphs in Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite 3.

Clean Up Your Paragraphs

Paragraphs might sound like the most Boooooring thing, but the truth is that when your type is laid out neatly in a paragraph it gives the graphic design layout more structure.


The Client Gave Me Too Much Copy

Some clients may come to you with too much typography or not enough of it. If they come to you with too much, but they demand you make it all work out somehow, knowing how to manipulate paragraphs will help you in this situation.

This is the information potential clients are going to be reading and you don’t want to make that difficult for them. In the tutorial above I decided to showcase a piece that I designed for a client of mine with a lot of text areas which were all manipulated differently.

The Client Did Not Give Me Enough Copy

The same goes for to little copy provided. In some cases you may need to ask that the client provide you with a bit more to make a statement or you can work up your own copy for them and charge accordingly.

With paragraphs you can expand and fill spaces, which in the case in the video above, helps a lot with the piece.

To find the paragraph palette go to:
Window > Type > Paragraph