Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – The Eyedropper Tool

The Eyedropper Tool is one of my most favorite tools in the Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite. Think of what an actual eyedropper does. It draws liquid from one source which can be dispersed to any other.


Before I tell you what the Eyedropper Tool does in Adobe, I want to create an image of a real-life scenario eyedropper. Imagine you are thinking about painting a bedroom in your house and you absolutely love the color blue that is on one of your pillows.

WIth your imaginary eyedropper, you can sample the color from the pillow and apply it to the wall at a 100% match. Next, you have an old set of furniture donated to you from the good ‘ole grandparents, but you’d really like something more modern like the one in the magazine you’re holding. You can sample the style of the one and turn it into the style of the other.

What the eyedropper tool in Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite does is help you sample, effects, colors and attributes from an element and apply it to another.

This will help you big-time if you have photos that a client may give you and they ask you to design a message around the photo. You can sample colors in the photo and apply them in your document.

For instance, you have a photo of a business man in a light green shirt. You can then consider making a larger headline of a darker version of that green and then use the original green from the shirt on the body text.

Another scenario is if a client gives you their logo in jpeg format. To make their piece flow just a little bit better you can now sample other elements including text to the color of their logo and it will change to that color. Awesome!

Check out the video above. It will help a lot. It’s all about experimentation……Graphic Designer’s are Inventors and Scientists.. 🙂 Yipee