Photoshop – Setting Up A New Document

It is very important setting up a photoshop document the correct way. The big thing is to make sure you set it up accordingly depending on whether you are setting this document up for the design of a website (RGB – Red, Green, Blue) or for print (CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). I will explain the various ways to set this up so you will have no worries and headaches when creating your projects.


A. Naming your document is crucial. Make it something you will remember.

B.  Select your document profile based on what you are creating this artwork for.Select “PRINT” for anything that will be printed (business cards, flyers, posrcards). Select “WEB” for any artwork you plan on using for the web.

C. Choose from a few basic canvas sizes. Letter and Tabloid are most commonly used.

D.  Select the unit of measure. I personally stick with inches.

E.  When you select a document profile, these areas will change. I would highly suggest you do not change anything in the advanced area. The presets have certain values that should not be altered.

Once You Hit OK you are on your way to creating beautiful artwork.