Utilizing A Graphic Design Project Questionairre

As you start to grow your Graphic Design business you will want to start making things more streamlined and easier for yourself. Making sure you have a Ready-To-Go questionairre form will help streamline your business, helping you get to that next level.

Being Prepared
This will help you get all of the necessary details of the project at hand which will be useful if you are about to start the project or even if you are about to quote it. You do not want to have to go back to a client to ask them simple questions you should have asked them already or that you may have forgotten the answers to. This wastes time during a project and can make you look unprofessional.

Qualifying a client
Normally when a client goes through the process of answering questions about the “Details” of the project during a meeting or on your website….it means that they are serious about hiring you and not trying to waste your time. If they opt to not fill out a question form on your website, then that would tell me they are not interested.

Presenting these questions

1. In-Person Meeting – You can simply pull out your questionairre form and start filling it out in person. Here is a sample one that I use. Logo Design Info

2. Over the Phone/Email – Using the same sheet as an in-person meeting, just ask the same questions over the phone.

3. Website Form – Setup specific fields on your contact form on your website to get as much details about the project. Here is a sample on my company website. http://smlstudios.com/logo-design.html

Sample Questions To Ask

The video above will go over these in detail, but you want to start with basic client information and really break down project specifications. Ask about their logo, tagline, & color schemes. I would also recommend you ask them about design styles they do like and ones that they do not like. They can do a simple search on the internet to determine that.

After watching the video above, let me know your comments and what you include in your questionairre that I may not have mentioned.