Join My New Facebook Group For Graphic Designers

Need a place to get some advice from other Professional Graphic Designers? Join my new Graphic Designer Tips lounge on Facebook and get your answers now. The Graphic Designer Tips lounge will serve as a place for all Creative Graphic Designers to get the answers they need about anything they are dealing with whether it be issues from clients or projects, how-to’s in certain programs all the way to critiquing work.

2 thoughts on “Join My New Facebook Group For Graphic Designers

  1. Hi Stephen,

    I used to be a part of your Facebook group. I dont see the group anymore. I tried clicking on the link above and it doesnt work.
    I am a part of many other graphic design related facebook groups…but I really benefited from your group. The info there was very professional and extremely helpful.
    I wish you could recreate your group…Or if there exists a group already, please do share the link…
    [email protected]

    Sana Moin

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