10 Benefits of Having a Facebook Fan Page VS a Personal Page

If you are trying to promote a brand on Facebook, then you MUST make sure you are setting up a Facebook fan page. I know it sounds crazy, but yes it is 2013 and still many people are just starting out with Facebook. If that is you….then don’t worry, it’s OK.

When it comes to Facebook you have two different options. You can either sign up for a personal profile (that of yourself and personal interests) or you can set up a fan page (for brands, businesses, clubs, causes etc.) Unfortunately, many people are doing this the other way around, by setting up personal profiles with brands and since it is against Facebook’s TOS, they eventually shut down your profile.

This article with video below is going to go the top 10 reasons why it is necessary that you have a facebook fan page.

1. Unlimited Amount Of Fans

The reason you build a page is so you can grow a following. Facebook fan pages do not have a limit when it comes to the amount of people allowed to follow you. Regular pages have a limit of 5,000 friends. Your ultimate goal years down the road should be tens of thousands of followers and

2. Show Up In Search Engines

Social media and search engines are all connected. Facebook fan pages are indexed into search engines, meaning that someone can find your fan page because of a search in google. bing etc. This is very cool perk.

3. Targeted Fans / Engagement

If someone likes/follows your fan page, this means that they had an interest in what your page is all about. Since they have this interest, whenever you post something for all to see, you have a much greater chance of interaction/engagement from these people. On your personal profile, unless your posting photos of your cat or your baby, your engagement may be close to nothing.

4. It’s Just The Norm

Just like the way we all judge the visual aspects of a companies marketing, we also judge how well you utilize social media. If you are using a personal page for a brand, everyone will instantly think that this company does not know what they are doing.

5. Promoted Posts

If you have posted something on your Facebook wall, you will be able to see how many people that the post has reached. You can now pay to promote these posts to not only more of your fans, but friends of your fans. When you promote a post, you are able to choose your budget which can be as low as $5.  You will also see full stats on the effectiveness of the post, including, page likes, shares and link clicks as a result.

6. Setting Up Multiple Admins

If you have a large company/organization and would like to give multiple users the ability to edit your facebook fan page wall, then you can set them up as an administrator on the account. They will be able to post of behalf of the page. You can remove their privileges at any time. This also works well with companies who do not have anyone or anytime to manage their Facebook fan page, so they hire an SEO (search engine optimization) company and set them up as the admin.

7. Multiple Page Tabs For Apps

This is one of my favorite parts of the Facebook Fan page. While someone is on your fan page, they can see any tabs you set up. In these tabs, you can connect certain accounts, like notes, email sign up forms, Youtube videos, Twitter feed and more. These will keep people much more engaged on your page.

8. Page Insights / Analytics

Page Insights/Analytics are going to blow your mind. You can basically monitor all of the activity on your page so you can develop a marketing strategy. You can also see detailed demographics on your most engaged viewers. It is a great tool to see your traffic as well as what posts do the best on your timeline.

9. Comment As Your Page Name

As a default when you comment, post anything on your timeline or interact with other pages through your fan page, you will see your page name as the responder as opposed to your own name that you would normally see on your personal profile. Facebook also allows you to switch who you are viewing the page as which is pretty nifty.

10. Offers & Events

Facebook makes it very easy to create an offer or set up an event right on your timeline in the very same spot you go to make your status updates. You can set all parameters for both and even preview your offers so you know exactly how it is going to appear on your wall.