Logo Design Bootcamp Episode 13 – The Letter M

Here is the 13th video produced for the Logo Design Bootcamp series that ran from November 2012 until June 2013. In Episode number 13 I got right into showing you how to design a fun logo for a fictitious company called “Magic Makeup”. This video went over all aspects to designing this logo design.

CLICK HERE to watch me add this Logo to a professional Graphic Design Layout. Episode 13 of my New Series “Layout Design Bootcamp”


3 thoughts on “Logo Design Bootcamp Episode 13 – The Letter M

  1. hey, what do you think of 99designs.com I have been trying it for practice. I love doing logos and I want it to be my job, you my friend have helped me alot. lost mynjob 6 months ago, my dad is in advanced heart failure which hhas sent me into a deep depression and its hard man. I dont know how to go about getting clients. sucks man, any help is appreciated by me, thanks. Ryan

    1. Ryan, 99Designs is not for me at this time, but I definitely see where you can learn a lot from it by looking at the concept and seeing how dozens of different artists will interpret it. I hope everything is still going in a good direction for you. Make sure to find the time to design fun stuff on your own…not for money to keep your sanity.

  2. Hello,
    I noticed when you changed the letter “P” in “Makeup” the strokes are not the same. The letter “P” stands out more, like its more darker. What do you do to change that?
    These videos are great and i love them. I wish you the best of luck and keep doing what you do!
    P.S. I am a total begginer.

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