Layout Design Bootcamp – Episode 12 – Pocket Folder

Welcome to episode 12 of Layout Design Bootcamp where my goal is to take you through entire design layouts to show you the exact process of how it’s done. In this 12th episode, I continued to implement the brand of “Long Island Lawyers” that I developed in Logo Design Bootcamp Episode number 12. I decided to design a standard pocket folder that is good for any company to market their services, whether through mailings, trade shows or by door to door. This tutorial will teach you so many things including:



Professional Graphic Design Tutorial
  • Understanding a folder template
  • Using Photoshop for images
  • Creating an image mask
  • Warping objects
  • Clipping masks
  • Opacities and transparencies
  • Finding dummy text
  • Balance of design
  • Adding a bleed for print
  • Finalizing/Saving template
  • and much more!!

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