Layout Design Bootcamp – Episode 19 – Door Knob Hanger Design

Welcome to episode 19 of Layout Design Bootcamp where my goal is to take you through entire design layouts to show you the exact process of how it’s done. In this 19th episode, I continued to implement the brand of “St. Patricks” that I developed in Logo Design Bootcamp Episode number 19. I decided to design a door hanger going over the current specials they were offering. This tutorial will teach you so many things including:



Professional Graphic Design Tutorial
  • Setting up your document
  • Preparing Images In Photoshop
  • Transparencies & opacities
  • Setting up multiple artboards
  • Clipping masks
  • Keyboard commands
  • Saving For Print
  • and much more!!

One thought on “Layout Design Bootcamp – Episode 19 – Door Knob Hanger Design

  1. HI,

    I havent work with illustrator that much, but is willing to learn, this is my first time checking out your tutorials, they seem a bit long but full of good information, i do appreciate that, do you also teach web design using dreamweaver, let me know. thanks good stuff.

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