Transforming an old logo into a new one: What’s the need?

What is the need to transform an old logo into a new one?Professional Custom Logo Design

A logo is the identity of the brand for the end consumer. It connects the brand to its consumers and thereby helps in building it. When a corporate logo fails to build this connect with the customers, there arises a need to change it and make it look different. There are also occasions where the company feels that the present day generation cannot relate to the logo that was popular some years back.

There are also situations when the company changes its motto and thereby wishes to communicate differently to its customers. This is when the existing logo becomes redundant and a new one has to be developed. Here are 8 easy ways to turn an old logo into a new one.

8 Easy Ways to Turn Old Logo Design Into New Design

1. The easiest way to do this is to work on the existing logo. The look and feel of the existing logo can be changed to give a fresh look to the logo design. But, this method has a limitation in case the entire communication of the company has to be changed,
2. The second way of doing this is to take one or more elements from the existing logo that has relevance to the new motto of the company. Then to use your own ideas to develop a new logo design.
3. While working on a new logo design you should try a simpler yet attractive option. This is important to make it more appealing to the target audience. A complicated design may not work with your audience.
4. Always remember, that you should work out an original logo design. This should not be similar to that of any other brand.
5. While working on a logo design, always remember that too much simplicity also does not work well. While making a simple option, try to add the brand communication objectives to it and make it more appealing.
6. While submitting a fresh logo option, always make sure it is completely new and does not match any pre-existing options. Compare it with other options for its originality before submitting it for review.
7. While making a new logo and changing its font, make sure you use a font that matches with the philosophies of the company. Don’t make it so radically different that it is not suitable for the company.
8. Always try not to follow the current trends. These trends will soon be replaced by new ones. They should thus not be your concern. You should rather give a personality to the logo that communicates the company’s values. Trends are a short term phenomenon that should not reflect in your design.
Transforming an old logo into a new one is not a small task. Moreover, it is a task that gives the company’s brand images a whole new meaning.
Last, but not the least, always put in your best while working on a logo.

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4 Responses to "Transforming an old logo into a new one: What’s the need?"

  1. Kchun says:

    Like the post. Method 4, 5 and 7 really work out a lot. And we basically have to go through a talk and discussion with the clients and to understand his/her company background and business philoshophy. From there, some idea sharing session might be carried on and it will help a lot to create a logo which is original, match their need and pop up their identity and do not run too much far away from their old logo. Because most of the clients might say they do not want a logo that make people thinking that their whole company or busineess are changed just because their logo was totally different. Yep, publisity and some marketing plan might help a lot and promote the new logo a lot. Good design also make the marketing plan to work out more effectively.
    Like the post and our logo and art designers might have more clue of that of what to do.

  2. Daniel says:

    This was just in time for me as I have a client with a logo from the 90’s and they want a new logo. Great post!

  3. Lots of excellent tips – good ways to rework an old logo.

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