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You can package Adobe Illustrator files with FlightCheck, the patented preflight software from Markzware. FlightCheck can thoroughly check Illustrator files and many other file types to catch potential printing problems before the output process, as well as collect and package Illustrator files.

After the investment you have made in the creation of your files, this valuable quality assurance provides peace of mind, plus saves time, money, and re-printing.

Flightcheck Markzware Software Package

FlightCheck can preflight and package Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS4, CS3 and more. With just a click, FlightCheck will package all used fonts and images within your Illustrator files. (Illustrator does not have its own function to preflight vector-based layouts or to collect fonts and images in them.)

FlightCheck can also package Illustrator and placed Illustrator files with non-embedded images within InDesign layouts. FlightCheck can even report on linked images within placed graphics and package Illustrator links.

Preflight and Package Adobe Illustrator Files with Markzware FlightCheck


How to preflight and package Illustrator files with FlightCheck

Here is how to preflight and package Illustrator:

  • Drag and drop your Adobe Illustrator file onto the FlightCheck icon for FlightCheck to preflight the Illustrator file.
  • View the preflight report that warns of potential printing problems in the Illustrator file, based on selected Ground Control settings.
  • Select the Collect Job option in order to package Illustrator files with used fonts and images.
  • Choose the used elements to package. (You may also compress the copied items in a folder.)

It is easy to collect and package Illustrator files with FlightCheck! To purchase FlightCheck, please visit the FlightCheck Store on the Markzware website. Markzware is a leading software developer of preflight, file conversion, desktop search, file recovery software, and more.

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