Google Launches New “+1″ Feature

Say “Google” and almost instantly, the word produces an instant recall like no other. Google is one of, if not the most, popular website on the Internet today. Just check out how people have seem to effortlessly associate its name to the activity which is researching information. Whenever you wanted to know more about a particular topic, you will never fail to hear the advice “Google it!”

Google Search Plus One Feature

Despite its runaway success, Google has kept itself simple. It continues to provide the billions of people around the world with topnotch service without being complicated. Their basic platform has never stopped in innovating new trends to improve every individual’s Internet experience.

The latest development by Google is called +1, an online application that enables you to recommend content to people you know by having your suggested webpages shown in the Google search results whenever they try to locate that particular information.

This is Google’s way of improving search engine experience by not only providing relevant results that are quick and rich, but also display what the people connected to you think to be worth your mouse click.

The idea of Google’s +1 is derived from the use of the expression “+1” as a shortcut statement to mean that you agree or that you consider a particular content as cool. The biggest advantage that this feature can offer is the significance of the suggestions to the topic being searched, since these recommendations are made by people that are acquainted to each other.

To be qualified to use the +1 feature of Google, the primary requirement is to of course, have a Google account. For users who are already owners of a Google profile, they can opt to upgrade it.

Through your account in Google, you can view the recommendations you have made and sort them according to your personal settings as well as delete those you think are no longer needed. On the other hand, to view the +1’s from your network, you have to be logged in when you run a search.
Google Plus One Buttons

The Difference Between the Light & Blue Logo

Basically when you “+1″ a website, the logo turns blue standing out from the rest of the choices which makes it easier to recognize your preferred websites.

Google is gradually putting their +1 feature into operation. For now, the option can be seen together with search results, ad postings and now on website articles.

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